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America is an idea, and no longer an actual place

RedlegMar 22, 2022, 1:39:41 PM

     I dedicated my entire adult life to the constitution, the United States, and to what I thought was the protection of Liberty. That’s a strong opening line right? Well here’s the problem. The constitution was not ever taken into consideration at all during my deployments. The War on Terror is an affront to the federalism imagined by the framers. No declaration of war was ever made. Congress abdicated their responsibility in every regard and now we have constant aggression imposed on other people by the government of the United States of America or more specifically by the President, whomever it may be at the time, and the National Security council, aka the Military Industrial Complex. 

     This is reason number 1 why I have ditched the idea of an exceptional country with a small government that protects the sacred texts without regard to the individuals holding office. There are no virtuous people who have ever been POTUS. A few days of reading biography summations would show you that even Washington shit on the constitution, as well as Adams and even Jefferson. Madison was maybe the best, but even he was a coward in the face of invasion by the British in 1812. 

     The country you think you live in, if you are American, is non-existent. It’s an idea held in place by media and government propaganda. It’s a façade. It does not exist. It hurts once you realize it. It’s the process of mourning that makes you angry. I’m angry that the birthright of liberty was stolen from me before I was even born, yet I was told my entire life I am free. I am not free. None of us are. Now let’s talk pragmatically for a second.

     It’s still better here than most. That’s to say this is truly the last stand on earth from a practical POV. That doesn’t mean it exists as it’s advertised though. This is a distinction that is important. While I want to burn the state to the ground, that doesn’t mean that I am hyperbolic in what I do and don’t have. I have land. I have money (although worth less every day) and I have a modicum of self-determination. I still have to fund my own oppression though and that is a hard pill to swallow. Every dollar you give to the government at any level is not used for you, but against you. Roads are not built or fixed with any large amount of your tax dollars. Schools are funded but used to turn your children against you and the ideas of dangerous liberty and instead teach peaceful subservience. Let’s not even talk about globalism. I don’t want a government at the federal level, why on earth would I consider some stupid global government. This isn’t the world of Roddenberry, and there is no Federation waiting to be created in the future. There is only oppression and a loss of property rights around the corner. 

     I have no idea how to stop it. Taking individualists and mustering them to common cause was a goal of the Libertarian party and it seems to be quite ineffectual in this. Anarchists and Minarchists argue instead of uniting. Candidates do stupid shit because the idea of being a government official seems stupid, which it is. What is the path forward? 

     Agorism will work at the individual level but is very hard to accomplish unless you already have means available to you. That is not practical for everyone. Your land can still be stolen by the government if you don’t pay the State your land tax, even if you own it outright. I have no right answer for you. Prepare as best you can. Buy BTC or gold and silver. Get your protective masks ready. I don’t think it will matter though. I think the would be rulers want individualists dead. In the end the question is how do we die? Free or huddled in a camp waiting to be given our insect rations? I think that question should be easy to answer. 

In Liberty