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I will miss the State after it falls

RedlegAug 11, 2021, 3:57:07 AM

     How can one both wish to burn the cathedral to the ground and simultaneously have affection for what is These United States? I have wrestled with this. It has been the nagging thing in the back of my mind for months now and has been blocking my every other deep thought. 

     I am sure that others have written on this or something similar, but I was not interested in learning someone else's perspective until I understood what I think mine might be. I think I have managed to simplify it into an easy to understand paragraph. 

     Imagine you had a father. This man was ever present in your life and was every essence of the word parent. He taught you everything you needed to know for life, he made sure you had all the tools necessary for success, should you choose to apply them. He never failed to create a teachable moment. You owe your success or lack of failure to this man. Now imagine he did all of this while occasionally drunkenly berating you. He would rarely, but with severity, beat you with his belt and leave welts. He would remind you he was in charge and everything you had was because of him. Yet the very framework of what makes you what you are comes from him and you can't imagine having gotten here without the lessons learned, even if by less than stellar means. How would you feel when this man dies? Nostalgic? Sad? Mournful for all that could have been had he just not beat you? Did he ever really love you? 

     I think the allegory speaks for itself. I would mourn like I lost my father. Something not enough Anarchists admit out loud is that all we have from our cushy seats we sit in to shout economics lessons to liberals on twitter and make boot licker memes, to the extremely conflict free real estate most of us inhabit (urban violence is a different issue caused by government) you would be remiss not to appreciate this. There were benefits to society that came from the union. We just shouldn't want to perpetuate the bad that comes from this system and is inherent in it much like the drunken beatings from the otherwise stellar parent. I could probably expand on that into an entire blog series. Maybe someday. 

In Liberty