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9 YO rape victim was not a hoax. Here are the facts.

RedlegJul 22, 2022, 1:44:31 AM

     Here are the facts, as ascertained from several sources which will be linked at the bottom of the blog. A ten year old girl, who was nine when impregnated, traveled to Ohio to receive an abortion. Dr. Caitlyn Bernard performed the abortion. She filed her paperwork, per Indiana law which requires paperwork to be filed in three days, two days after the procedure. The AG claims she put the wrong age of the perpetrator on the paperwork, although the suspect was seemingly unknown at the time. Since age is required, the doctor put 17, which is considered an adult in Indiana for legal purposes. 

     Gerson Flores, 27, who appears to be either a boyfriend, or acquaintance of the girl's mother, who has not given her name, seems convinced that Flores is not the culprit. Flores has confessed to Ohio authorities that he did in fact perpetrate the rape of the then, nine year old girl. Flores is in the U.S. illegally. I do not point this out for any relevant reason than to state all the facts. The reason for traveling to Indiana, is because of Ohio’s 6 week ban and fetal heartbeat law. Fetal heartbeat was measured making her seemingly ineligible for abortion in Ohio. She was approximately six weeks pregnant by the time pregnancy was discovered. 

     These are verified through multiple sources and seem to be consistent across multiple news outlets. Everything after this sentence is my opinion. 

     No it isn’t a hoax, nor was it anything that anyone who has studied the depravity of humans would not know about. It’s more common than anyone reading this would like to admit to themselves. In fact it’s well known if you remove cognitive dissonance. Either Epstein was filling the needs of sociopaths in power, and billionaires, and the list is huge, or these things are over blown. Which is it? I for one happen to believe the amount of damage being done to young boys and girls is under reported. Most of us may know someone who has been hurt in this way. In fact the “straight into the woodchipper'' meme is because any reasonable person would want to enact retribution that seems to never come. Pedos and rapists get notoriously low sentences in the aggregate. 

     Prohibition will always come with pain to peaceful people. It always has, it always will. Not once, have I ever advocated for a woman to get an abortion, but have in fact stated that there would simply be high order effects of this prohibition spreading across states that would affect women and girls in horrific ways. If it saves just one life is the excuse of gun grabbers and I refuse to accept it now, just as I refuse to accept it from anyone who thinks they know what I should and shouldn’t own. Here is another high order effect. Miscarriages are now not being treated until the last possible minute because to do so could be criminal. To be blunt, based on how some state laws, like in Louisiana, are written D and E's are not legal on a fetus that still has a heartbeat, even though it’s dying and can possibly take the mother with it. 

     At 16 weeks a woman began having a miscarriage. Medical science, as of now, has not solved this problem. The only option when this happens is to worry about the health of the mother. In this case, the mother was forced to be induced and deliver the fetus, which is traumatizing when you know there won’t be a living breathing baby coming out. This is what the state will force your wife, sister, or mom to do because of the “moral high ground”. Notice I’m not advocating for abortion, only for those your moral grandstanding and advocacy will affect. I for one find that immoral. There is no law that can be written to solve all of the numerous possibilities. Even if one was written that was near perfect, AGs with a desire to prove something can still find ways to screw people, as with Dr. Bernard in Indiana, who followed state law per her requirements, and has the backing of the insurance companies and her hospital. Normally, these two entities would be quick to throw someone under the bus, so think about that.


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If I am in error, or you find conflicting reports please feel free to put it in the comments.