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Activities Imparted in a Good Teen Wilderness Therapy

redcliffascentAug 22, 2019, 9:59:08 AM

Wilderness therapy is an approach for the treatment of behavioral and mental issues faced by many teens that both at home and school. It is conducted in an outdoor natural environment by a team of experts both on individual and group basis. In wilderness therapy, participants are introduced to varieties of activities by the welfare along with therapeutic components for about one-two months. The participants are mostly teens having difficulties with social interaction, rebelliousness, and violent behaviors, etc. Most of the activities set in this type of program allow teens to overcome their mental and behavioral issues. Unlike those activities imparted in boot camp for troubled teens, wilderness therapy emphasis more on giving a long-term effect to the teens. Here are a few activities conducted by the staff in a reputable wilderness therapy program.

Responsibility Work

In wilderness therapy programs, the teens are assigned daily tasks, such as cooking meals, cleaning the shelters and campsites, and preparation of camping equipment. It enables teens to learn their responsibility and life skills that are mandatory in daily life. While focusing on these tasks, they are away from the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and other emotional issues.

Adventurous Activities

Exciting activities like hiking and trekking enables the teen to cooperate with peers and develop an essence of teamwork, unity, and cooperation. It also destroys the emotional issues they suffer from loneliness and helps to maintain fitness.

Therapy Sessions

Many wilderness therapy programs employ certified therapists to conduct therapy both individually and in groups. Along with the organizing staff, they discuss treatment plans followed by counseling the teens individually and in a group. It helps in giving a long-term effect upon the troubled teens.

Academic Lessons

Most teens enrolled in a wilderness program are the ones who have poor academic performances or school skipped patients. In this program, they aimed at providing academic teachings and classes to help the teens cope with the pace of their academics. The teens receive lessons on science, life skills, health, and other values along with various exciting activities.

Personal Space

Teens are also allowed to connect with family members by sending letters to their parents. Activities like building campfires, interacting with peers, playing games help them to develop self-esteem and confidence.

Long Term Effect

The strategies and methodologies used in the wilderness programs are well designed to leave a long-term impact on the teens' life. After completing the program, they can apply the life skills taught during the session to their daily lives. It will give them the ability to adjust both the domestic and school environment.


Parents should find a wilderness therapy program that can ensure the above activities for their troubled teens. It will always be a wise decision to send adolescents to teen wilderness therapy if they face difficulties with their mental health and behavioral issues.