Real woman, real opinions, really not a feminist.
Co-creator, artist, entrepreneur, comedy addict This isn't my main account. Please message me @ottman
MIX of nationalist music and radio hits from the 1960s to 2020s. Edgy parodies, Southern Rock, Beer Hall, Oldies, Folk, Fashwave. Edifying songs that convey culture and traditional romance. Relatable lyrics for white populations facing hard-hitting truths. NSFW
Thinker and Futurist
Entertainer/Talent scout/Audio engineer/writer and looking for a way to be valued that produces value
Hi, I'm the author of the book THE FIRST PEN ON THE MOON, a kid's book that can be found on in Kindle Edition and Paperback.
Creating algorithms in everyday life using the thought that although no two things can be the same, through enough abstraction they can be symmetric and the power is in perspective. Balancing abstract symmetry, AS, with the logical imagination, Li, is the key to progress. The Li comes from the thought that although the the imagination is by definition intangible, we can still use logic to direct it. Instead of seeing what you believe, the Li is seeing what is believable. The Li represents discipline in free thought or guidance on what we perceive while the AS represents creative approaches to concrete problems which is a sign of being unrefined to the environment. A lot of people have come to understand the difficulty of being unrefined but maintaining guidance and I hope to honestly address the algorithms I use to guide my thoughts everyday.
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