I have been involved in finance, law, design, art and business over the years and wish to share my opinions and hear yours! Love studying history Check out my NEW YouTube channel at My Vidme channel at

An eclectic collection of various muses of the Dark_Side_Of_Bliss

Being a busy bee cause the devil plays with idle hands. I made this Minds account to serve as my digital portfolio for sketches, illustrations, unfinished wax, special herbs and other hors d'oeuvre. I started selling my art this year and well if there’s something you like send me a message Got change? Ill drop this here ETH: 0x1b7B9eb79686EA9087D9619845fcaC666de3c3E2 Find me here, there and everywhere twitter: @KingBOB_OHM Rarible: Instagram: @KingBOB_OHM Thanks for stopping by

Online on demand video of local events from around the Border counties of Ireland

A Toronto Online Lifestyle Magazine. A fresh perspective on local Arts, Travel, Culture, Pets, History, Charity + More

Every morning after I shit; I wash my ass with the finest soap made from the ashes of my enemies. Chuck Norris fears my uppercut. Batman wears my T-shirt.

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Aug 2017
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