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museJun 22, 2018, 12:56:15 PM

This is a list of my blogs, completed and planned, which I will continue to update. I would like to work on this list a little each day, but a blog a day is probably too much considering the complexity of some of the content. If you would like to see me focus on a particular area I am open to suggestions, as all the topics here interest me.

Minds Network & Tokens

Minds - First Steps
Minds - Why you should Unsubscribe from many Channels
Minds in Depth - Introduction
Minds in Depth - Privacy
Minds in Depth - Economics
Minds in Depth - Security

Protocols and Society

Self-Similarity & Society
Protocols & Society: HTTP & HTML
Protocols & Society: Client/Server
Protocols & Society: Offline


Tutorial - IPFS: Introductory Concepts
Tutorial - IPFS: Linux Install
Tutorial - IPFS: Setting up a public HTTP API
Tutorial - IPFS: Hosting a static website with IPFS
Tutorial - IPFS: Integrating Tor and IPFS


Cryptocurrency: Definitions
Cryptocurrency: Politics of Proof Algorithms
Cryptocurrency: Distributed Ledgers & Blockchain
Cryptocurrency: Fiat, Intrinsic Value, Hard Pegs

Mining Cryptocurrency

Traditional Proof of Work
Mining Cryptocurrency: Monero - Browser
Mining Cryptocurrency: Monero - Local
Mining Cryptocurrency: Ethereum
Mining Cryptocurrency: Litecoin
Mining Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
Mining Cryptocurrency: Storj
Mining Cryptocurrency: Sia
Mining Cryptocurrency: Burst Coin
Mining Cryptocurrency: Filecoin
Mining Cryptocurrency: SONM
Mining Cryptocurrency: Golem


Tor - Basic Concepts
Tor - Tor and the NSA
Tutorial - Tor: Getting Started with Tor
Tutorial - Tor: Using Services Through the Tor Network

Tutorial - Tor: Hosting your own Onion website
Tutorial - Tor: Running an IPFS Node behind Tor
Tutorial - Tor: Connecting to Tor with an Android device
Tutorial - Tor: How to not Accidentally Buy Crack on the Darknet

Polemic Politics

Science is a Religion
Mea Lacrimosa: The New Right


Open Source Censorship

History of Decentralization

History of Decentralization: The Crossbow
History of Decentralization: Gunpowder
History of Decentralization: Okinawan Weapons Ban
History of Decentralization: 2nd Amendment of the United States
History of Decentralization: The Black Death
History of Decentralization: The Peasants Revolt
History of Decentralization: The Fall of Rome
History of Decentralization: The Rise of Serfdom
History of Decentralization: The Blockchain

MisesU Reading List

Read with me: MisesU Reading List
Read with me: The Anatomy of the State
Read with me: The Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics
Read with me: Praxeology and Understanding

Abstract Economics

This is going to be difficult to write. But it's essentially about separating clearly the necessary and contingent aspects of Economics. Then showing how if Humans were fully predictable, Economics would be mostly predictable too(The environment is also not predictable and cannot predict, eg, The Black Death). It's something which I believe the Misesean School of Economics should be doing. Perhaps some are already. It will allow the Misesean School to interact better with mainstream Economics, as well as allowing it to be intensely predictive and heuristic through computational models, so long as one maintains that nothing is ultimately predictive, but guesses based on estimations of human action.


The brain as a distributed Network
The brain as a Quantum computer


Stockholm Syndrome
Confirmation Bias

Computer Generated

You and I are dreamers of the quantum soup.

Tech Sovereignty

Tech Sovereign - Free, Independent, Safe, Sovereign
Tutorial - Linux: Installation
Tutorial - ProtonMail
Tutorial - Setting up Samba
Tutorial - Purchasing a VPN
Tutorial - Setting up a Private Server

Tutorial - Script - Setting up your own VPN
Tutorial - Script - Setting up NextCloud
Tutorial - Script - Setting up a Mumble Server

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Architecture and Ideology
The Meaning of IQ