Rashard Zanders

Black survivor of western education, citizen of the universe. Why can't we be friends? Because the Amerikkkan evasion of reason, it's sins against Philosophy, not to mention the murders of millions of peoples of color, have altered forever my perception of this Land. It must be made better for all. This status quo constitutes the 4th Reich. I aspired once to be a creative writer: novelist, graphic novel author of some sort. Then I discovered that the USA, my country, is the 4th Reich, due in large part to the thousands of Nazis "our" government brought over and gave new identities to. Since shortly after WWII the USA has been the 4th Reich, and we the people have been lied to. We live in a similacrum of reality...not reality. As POC and like minded white allies we must confront the fascist direction the world is headed in with Boycotts of global capitalists, Divestment from global capitalism, and Sanctions on global capitalists, who are the source of a fascists expressions, whether it be friendly or brutal fascism. I am a truth teller and proud to be called a Social Justice Warrior. Message to trolls and race haters, I have no tolerance for you and you will get blocked on first approach. I love music making, writing, biking and hiking the great trails of the Twin Cities where I've resided over 20 years. Born and bred in Chicago, the once and future greatest city in the world. Holla at me. Send points. If you would like to help me in my ongoing mission to someday present to ICC or the UN with a resolution condemning the US-Nazi alliance (which of course involves the Brits and the Vatican, whose "ratlines' provided Nazis with cover) . America never has lived up to the ideals of its Constitution, but all my life I have heard of the great American cause against fascism in WWII and how old American vets, be they black white,red, yellow or brown, boast of how they went and saved democracy by defeating Hitler and Mussolini and the fascists. Turns out that is so much US mythology. And look where we are now...an open fascist state with a racist sexist, game-show reality show business failure as our President. We have all been lied to and must reassess what we thought we knew about our relationship to this country.
location_onTwin Cities, USA