Citizen journalist and activist in the Pacifica Northwest

Conservative, love science, freedom and individualism. I hate everything related to communism, collective thinking and equity.

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Memes Supremacy ! The Guy is a Great Capturer 馃摳. Analyst, Crypto Believer, Traveller 馃彇 A mixture of motivation, food , nature, culture, fun etc lol馃お almost everything in my posts . My tastes are mixed 馃槑

Corbett Report
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James Corbett is the editor of The Corbett Report. This is the official Corbett Report Minds account.

Seth Dillon
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CEO of The Babylon Bee, the world's most trusted, factually accurate news source.

--- examining paths --- I do find values from places others might fear. - - -- - - Sometimes reminders of things about life have a person running away from the reminder to other diversions. Some just don't want the discomfort returned. Obviously (or not so obvious) I am not with interest to increase anyone's already too much discomfort. However if there is willingness to endure through to an understanding, there are these subjects which if explored well enough with a goal of empowering can be of help. Sometimes there is appreciation for a type of idea in this space... and then sometimes not. But it isn't the idea offered that determines which. The viewer viewing determines which. As long as I keep my personal intent clean (sometimes requiring razor edge discernment) then the posts themselves should be without harm... any harm possible then is harm added not by me. The process of my posting and the viewer viewing is a cooperation. A clashing should come if there is a mismatching of the ultimate goal. My razor tries to (and kind of does ok to) present ideas which are clean. Meaning without "evil" intention embedded. If any of that is encountered, it comes from a different source than where I am from. Wrapping this post up, please remember the fact that we work within the physical, which means there is an opposition - to everything. So what I am honest about, will seem to have a flavor of dis-honesty somewhere. Well, ultimately the totality of what is, is what one can know totally is. So any result of our mutuality is a sharing result. 100% responsibility.

Press For Truth
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Smashing the pyramid one brick at a time

The Vigilant Fox
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Tyranny is not possible without compliance

Fullmetal Magdalene
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Renaissance Woman馃拕/ NFT Crypto Artist 馃帹/Bitcoin Babe/ 馃拵馃憪 Creator Of Crypt0 Sluts 馃お馃挦

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