ONELOVE===Blunt Reflections a new podcast created by QUEEN B.DIVINE Inspiring Entrepreneurs ...A Mental Health journey. Born in Toronto, traveled across Canada to Vancouver, Central America, United states and more -------------------Follow Queen.B.Divine as she shares her secrets 😊😊😊-How to stay positive in a hectic world-How to let go of the past taking only what you need-As well as N.E.W.S taking care of your mentalhealth https://www.bluntreflections.com/ Motivation for life .....Creating and sharing positivity & #Love that I never had as a child or as youth but, found and learned on the journey of my life as an adult. May 10 the Mother of all motivation begins.... #Motivation for life and for Mental wellness...ve . ORIGINAL INSPIRING Photography from the journey of QUEEN BDIVINE adding words ....words that QBD hungered for on the journey. As a child or as youth motivation was silence and in that silence ..QBD heard her own voice and it returned as an echo from the collective of light . QueenBD found her purpose . QBD will do her best to inspire you to find yours... Success is your journey, QBD's is motivating you to get there...The world is waiting for you. Monthly tier -Subscription =====The ELEMENTS of MOTIVATION THE ZEN COLLECTION (Samples NOW playing) Burn it then learn it Get your Spiri-wet HIGH-AIR love....and more =============== ...Thank you for reading ....Blessings on the journey ....QueenBDivine
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