PSECmedia: PSEC and Pondscape Documentaries


Or "PSEC" for short. Documentary, Live Streams, Commentary and more! A mix of satire comedy and seriousness to assist in helping humanity in steering its course away from the Collective Stockholm Syndrome that it has been addicted to for countless thousands of years. We're not everyone's cup of tea but if we've helped you retain any of your remaining sanity -- we are grateful! Believe nothing. Disbelieve nothing. Observe, make up your own mind and think critically. We are here to present perspectives for discussion, not hop on any band wagons. Therefore, this channel might inspire you, offend you or a little bit of both. PSECmedia ON THE WEB: VLARE: POCKETNET: UNSILENCED VOICE: ONSTELLAR: GAB: YOUTUBE: DEVIANTART: BITCHUTE: LBRY: LBRY RSS FEED: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: PATREON: PSEC Crew on MINDS: Dave Kelso: Richard Hamilton: Katerina Marie: Krista Pohl: _________________________________ MINDS GROUPS: Doctors Without Censors: The Distributed Web: Minds Community Open Source Initiative: STOP 5G: Kekistani-REE-HAD: ControversyINC: MemeWars: Anti-SJW: Anti-Third-Wave-Feminism: Pro-Second-Amendment: Unfuck The World: Centrist Posts: Max Igan & The Crowhouse Minds Community Jesus Is About LOVE Not Hate And Hell: Pondscape: NASA-Headquarters: Linux: ReactOS, Proton & All Things WINE: Raspberry Pi: Stateless Society: Minds Images: Christmas Music: YouTubers Union: Retro Lounge: Indie Music: The British Political Debate: InfoWars: deviantARTists on Minds: Subverse Newsroom: Help and Support: _________________________________ deviantART GROUPS: Kekistani-REE-HAD: ControversyINC: NASA-HeadQuarters: BBSing: Lightworkers: Centrists: _________________________________ SHITLORDING FROM
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