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I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress
Hi :) My name's Bev, and I love to learn. About anything and everything I can get my hands on. Not particularly political at all! I had a post surgical stroke at the age of 33, spent a year in the hospital relearning to walk and talk.. so now at 59, with way too much time on her handsI took up painting I live in Sarnia, Ont., have 3 children (all adults now) and 10 grandchildren...ranging from 23 yrs to 5 years old. I love to bake and I am a rock-hound with a fondness for gold panning!! #artislife #IdleNoMore #WaterIsLife #BoycottNestle`
I am a Poet. An adventurous lover of art, sports and nature...
Absurdity is freedom of thought. Humor helps us all to meet in the middle. I am not a cat. Lvl. 1 Jester, random commentor, appreciator of tech, memes, and art. Subscribe if you need a laugh and have low comedic standards. I'm also procrastinating on starting a cult.
Spiky and Spicy, Not a Sheep and Not a Wolf, just a straight human.
Everything is gonna be alright... just trust the process. God never fail.
Funny stuff The Global Conspiracy Allotment shit Poetry
Jan 2021
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