Just Facts has completed a full update of our core research on racial issues to provide you with the latest data on this news-dominating topic. This resource contains hundreds of clear, reliable, and rigorously documented facts about every major aspect of this issue, including expanded research on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, genetics, and anti-white segregation at universities: Here’s the full research: https://www.justfacts.com/racialissues And here are direct links to the facts about: • the “Black Lives Matter” movement: https://www.justfacts.com/racialissues#violence_blm • genetics: https://www.justfacts.com/racialissues#science_genetics • anti-white segregation at universities: https://www.justfacts.com/racialissues#civil_anti_white
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Just Facts has expanded our comprehensive research on abortion to provide you with the latest, vital data about this issue, including the positions and track records of the presidential candidates. Unlike typical media coverage, this research provides facts that allow you to see where the candidates truly stand on this issue and what they will do if given power: Joe Biden: https://www.justfacts.com/abortion#politics_biden Kamala Harris: https://www.justfacts.com/abortion#politics_harris Donald Trump: https://www.justfacts.com/abortion#politics_trump Mike Pence: https://www.justfacts.com/abortion#politics_pence
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In the face of proven scientific facts and crystal clear guidance from federal health agencies, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo forced C-19 carriers into the vicinity of the people who are most vulnerable to this disease. Cuomo and his surrogates then used a series of falsehoods to cast blame for his policy on others. Now, he is impugning people who would hold him accountable for his actions. https://www.justfactsdaily.com/the-facts-on-andrew-cuomos-nursing-home-policy
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After Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor by threatening to withhold U.S. aid, did the new chief prosecutor press criminal charges against the corrupt oligarch who was enriching Biden’s son? https://www.justfactsdaily.com/question-of-the-day/291470
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Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering The verified facts about Joe Biden’s dealings with Ukraine implicate him in a web of corruption that involves bribery, extortion, and obstruction of justice. However, media titans are spreading brazen falsehoods that hide these realities while failing to report key facts that are needed to see the big picture. This blockbuster research—which is rigorously documented with links to credible primary sources like bank statements, court records, and White House phone logs—contains the undeniable facts of this affair. These include some explosive facts that have not yet been reported in the context of recent revelations. To quote the summary of this research, the following events unquestionably took place: • In the very same month that Joe Biden promised Ukrainian legislators that the U.S. would help Ukraine increase its fossil fuel production, his son Hunter began a lucrative deal with a Ukrainian natural gas company owned by a notoriously corrupt oligarch who had just fled to Russia. • Both Bidens claimed that they never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with each other, but a corroborated trove of emails shows that Hunter brokered a meeting between his father and one of the gas company’s top executives. • A month after the same top executive ordered Hunter to get “high-ranking US officials” to visit Ukraine and persuade “the highest level of decision makers” to “close down” all cases against the oligarch, Joe Biden visited Ukraine and told its president and its prime minster that they must fire the nation’s chief prosecutor or he would withhold U.S. aid to Ukraine. • Two weeks after the chief prosecutor secured a court order to seize property of the oligarch, the president of Ukraine fired the prosecutor amidst multiple phone calls with Joe Biden. • The Ukrainian president then appointed a new chief prosecutor who was recently let out of jail and who quickly dropped all criminal cases against Hunter’s oligarch benefactor. Joe Biden later called this prosecutor “solid.” • Two weeks after the criminal cases against the oligarch were dropped, the energy company made its last known payment to Hunter. • After Biden’s “solid” prosecutor failed to prosecute anyone of note during his three-year tenure, he was replaced with a new prosecutor who began to investigate the oligarch. The oligarch then attempted to bribe people in the prosecutor’s office with $6 million. Get the rest of the facts and detailed documentation at: https://www.justfactsdaily.com/media-titans-subvert-reality-about-biden-ukraine-profiteering
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