Wait. What? I can honestly say I really don't get it... Welcome to Nerdytards, here you will get a variety of Nintendo 3DS streams and content. Also a good, laughable and awesome time. So be sure to stick around and join me in Nerding it out on Nintendo 3DS. Thanks All social media links below: Twitter- Gab- Twitch- YouTube- Bitchute- Minds- Instagram- Facebook- Locals- Website- The Nerdy forum- Email: [email protected]

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Knee deep in some tank collecting rock samples. Welcome to Lizard Bra1n. Lizard Bra1n is an entertainment site that is the adventures of Lizard Bra1n and The Beastrons. Come check out our funny times... Website: Please be sure to donate to LizardBra1n.. Here is our receiver address- 0x5f247081379C41D07Be0b0864910BbBd536de561 Contact info: Email: [email protected]

Grumpy, but weird. Xbox streamer... Welcome to MrsGrumpy. Here you will find a variety of stuff, but mostly a variety of xbox game streams. Be sure to check me out. Thanks. social media: Twitch: Twitter: Gab: Youtube: Bitchute: Instagram: Minds: Facebook: Locals- Website: The Grumpy Forum: Business Email: [email protected]

It is a beautiful day to review some products.. Reviews By Molybdy is a site that reviews all kinds of different types of products. All social media links below: Twitter- Twitch- YouTube- Bitchute- Instagram- Facebook- Locals- The Reviews Forum- Website- Contact info: Email: [email protected]

Welcome to Molybdy. Come and join on the many adventures of scary, urban legends, paranormal, hauntings and also weird. All Social Media- Twitter- Twitch- YouTube- Bitchute- Instagram- Minds- Facebook- Locals- Website- The Scary Forum- Contact info- Email: [email protected]

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