I am currently finishing my Associates in Web Development while working full time and being an at-home teaching assistant due to what seems to be an overblown plandemic. I play video games, grow food, chop wood, fish, hunt, cook, do handy work around the house and when I get a chance build things. Wood is too expensive right now for any of that nonsense.

Stand for the Flag kneel for the Cross Maranatha Jesus is the knocking at the Door Answer!

Trust in Bitcoin
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Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin. Your Keys, Your Bitcoin. Trust only

Currently living in Ontario, Canada. My hobbies are crypto and video games. Proud believer that crypto is the future.

Royal Madness is motorcycle gang born from fucking finland.

My Site focuses on reacting to videos on the web. For Business inquiries & sponsorships request contact me are the email Below! [email protected] My YouTube channel is

Outcasts of the Lord - ANTI-SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER BAND - aka Rejects of the Lord I will SUBSCRIBE to your channel in nearly every instance if you SUBSCRIBE to mine (pro globalist pedo types excluded) Most of our music is On The Bitchute Platform at the moment I hope I can raise awareness, even wake up ONE PERSON to stand against the new world order and live in TRUTH, but hey sheep are called sheep for a reason. Rejects of the Lord - The band is a hard rock classic rock heavy metal jam band, and DOES ORIGINAL AND PARODIES MUSIC EXPOSING AND AGAINST THE GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER, we hate the C-19 depopulation control system Vaccine, we hate Pedophiles, we hate the Debt Slavery federal reserve ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER Zionist financial system, we hate NEO-FEUDALISM, we hate the transhumanist make-us-clones cyborg agenda, we hate the Climate-change carbon PROPAGANDA-LIE, we hate seeing DUDES on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit magazine with bikinis on being called "Female", and are here to take the illuminati DOWN. When Joe Kain or any other artists are on vocals or other instruments, I will note it in the song description. WE'RE ALSO ON THE BITCHUTE ODYSEE AND RUMBLE CHANNEL UNDER OUR BAND NAME , and even SOUNDCLOUD bandcamp (audio only) Looking to CONTACT US? leave a reply in the recent videos where i can see, OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS BASICALLY DEFUNCT BECAUSE THEY CENSOR OUR CONTENT

Apr 2021
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