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"Try, if you will, to arrest a man who wears suicide in his buttonhole" - Jacques Rigaut MindsMinus is now my account image. I post what I believe is true. Perhaps I am wrong. Let me know if you think so. I also post satire that may be confused with fact. Please check sources I list. Please inquire if it is unclear. I am not an investment professional. When I share my thoughts please realize they are stream of consciousness. Please research and make your own decisions. Cryptocurrency and other investments are inherently dangerous and may easily result in the loss of your investment. Invest with care. I am just some dead French poet on the internet; I am not your investment advisor. I appreciate Free Speech and I attempt to follow applicable laws so my writing falls under Free Speech protections. I do not give permission for my writing to be saved or processed in government or corporate systems beyond the minimal required to appear on Minds. Please contact me with any questions.
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