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Medical Cannabis Activist and Patient Rights Advocate

NECANN has been the home of the homegrown cannabis industry since 2014, with conventions that provide education, networking, and superior ROI for both B2B and B2C exhibitors. Find out more at necann.com

Guy who loves growing his own medical marijuana at home and give some tips, tricks and nice pictures.

OMMA Licensed | Cultivator | Processor | Medical Cannabis | Entrepreneur | Oklahoma | Father of Three |

I'm a wife, mom, business owner and die hard libertarian. My life purpose is to bring balance in everything I do, that includes my social media platform. I'm all about different ideas and beliefs but remember that others have the right to not agree with you and you shouldn't hate them for it. Try to be understanding. In some cases you might learn something. Keep an open mind ALWAYS! #Buddhist #yoga #hunting #cannabis #weed #dreadlocks #cooking #permaculture #gardening #sustainability #lgbt #libertarian #art #baking #herbs #bisexuality #chickens #parenting #freespeech #powerlifting #barefootrunning #music #meditation #foraging #taichi #gaming #vegetarian #randomshit

Richard Girard owner of Cannabis Review Agency. Cannabis Review Agency with cannabis information on the top cannabis strains available today. We list information from the official seed bank websites. Cannabis Review Agency is a free service to the cannabis community. Providing cannabis strain information that help you decide what to strain of cannabis to grow and smoke. Find detailed information on cannabis yield, cannabis effect, cannabis strain grow tips, THC level, cannabis harvest, cannabis strain pictures, cannabis strain genetics, use submitted reviews and comments, cannabis news stories.#cannabis #marijuana

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Lover of the healing Power of Plants Trying to be a Good Human Mom running online business from home! @4theLuvofThings https://posh.mk/2UeQcw0Gi1 One of my favorite things to do is shop and find good deals! Makes me feel like I am contributing financially to my family and the earth by reselling! Check out my Poshmark closet for some amazing deals! https://www.hempworx.com/myplantlife The Cannabis Plant is changing people lives. Hemp-derived CBD has changed mine. This is why I choose to be an affiliate for one of the best brands on the market. Organic, GMO free and Co2 pressed with hemp carrier oil! Already has the Hemp Authority seal of approval. Check out the products or if your interested in a sample pack for $11.75. Link below! https://hempworxsamples.com/myplantlife Thanks for reading all this info about me! Hope you have a Happy day, Human! (unless your not human, then please send me a message.. lets be friends..lol)

Springfield Massachusetts
Jan 2019
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