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I'm the best of my kind
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III% National, ID, MT, ND Lightfoot Brigade
Just a guy bitching about his dog, the NCAA & events. "Dogs and beer are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy."
Fictional character from @Aragmar's awesome series of books Starshatter. Lover of pie. Explorer of food from all lands. Varied interests including languages and their connections to each other.
Independent-Blessed beyond belief⚓ #USN#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸Christian🇺🇸Drummer-Teacher-Leader🇺🇸Married to the very best wife a man will ever know or be with-
(real) environmentalist , "new" Japanese (日本人) , liberty lover , analyst ,crypto , farming enthusiast , chef with license and probably still forgetting something . *know some about occult !
A world full of beautiful women, beauty to behold
This channel posts the most interesting things to keep this world as interesting as possible.
I love my husband and my daughter I like to travel and spend time with my Family and Challenging my daughter at all games is always fun too I love watching the peacefulness of the ocean,love summer weather, I enjoy fishing and camping.I also enjoy going to the beach with loved ones.I love the outdoors,love taking long walks I'm an easy going woman with good sense of humor, enjoy the simple things life has to offer.
Wild Sage Ívar D. Nøkk The Boarserker
New Zealand
Feb 2021
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