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Venting space of an open-source fan and libertarian dad. I've been active in the Libertarian party for years, but the party has also pissed me off for years and I consider myself more of a "Liberty Free Agent" these days. Don't contact me about crypto opportunities or if you're a whore looking for a mark. I'm very allergic to cats. Seeing a lot of cat pics bothers me. If you post a whole bunch of them I'll unfollow you. ALSO if you post too many YouTube links I'll unfollow. I don't spend a lot of time on YouTube and this place looks like a YouTube RSS feed sometimes, don't pollute my feed. Crypto Oppertunities: You have the opportunity to hand me crypto below. Do not contact me about getting into your crypto investments, I'm happy just taking it below. Ethereum: 0xe8644bfBf71627Bc04510dAad2c519506c5C653d BTC: bc1qf4n8h7jpzhh9x337f2md44g3xvnrd9wyvakudrwncuvefy5jhx2qdx2h8u
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