Offering excellent content is a pleasure I take very seriously. I abide off grid on a indian reservation and am a living, flesh and blood, first nation's tribal member (NOT a AGENT) with a identification card that recognizes me as, actually existing {w/My name is in upper lower case letters} and my Indian blood Quantum, which admittedly isn't much, yet is enough. Advocate for all of Our un-a-lien-able rights, of which i reserve ALL, encluding but not limited to Freedom of the press & free speech. Without prejudice. That being said it's my honor and privilege to attempt to share with everyone worthwhile content. I try to create a meme everyday to humorously capture and express a current event. I created a group here where I am the only member. The Meme Press. join it? the idea is to make memes that capture current events and solidify a different historical narritive with memes.
DmønCøre / Roäc / Project 2501 Multidimensional DJ/Producer from planet Earth.
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A cryptocurrency trader who loves nature and the outdoors
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