Educating people about how to use technology to overcome spying and censorship. #NotLegalAdvice https://outsmartbigbrother.com/

José Ricardo Kramm: lord of Sealand, Pastafarian minister, MD, Star Wars fan

We are small group( right now) of Tech-Nerds and explorer of the latest or oldest tech and gadgets that has or ever will land on the Tech Arena! Get updated and alerted for upcoming events and giveaways! http://www.techunboxin.com #TechUnboxin #Tech #Smartphone #Giveaway

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Crypto Zombie is daily Bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency news! Here we discuss coins like Ethereum (ETH), blockchain technology, tokens, ICOs, STOs, IEOs, host interviews with top projects and startups, and bring you the most up to date and relevant breaking topics in the fintech space!

We are a community interested in helping, educating, and talking about every day use of technology, especially outside of work

Techie,Developer ,analyst,Writer

Is Life that easy online. I'm hacking my life to make things easier. TV THEORIES http://www.youtube.com/c/BizHacks

The Mars Initiative is a volunteer-driven nonprofit fundraising organization that is collecting money from donors across Planet Earth in order to reward the first entity that puts humans on the Red Planet. That is the Mars Prize Fund. In addition to the Mars Prize Fund, Mars Initiative has a separate fund for "micro grants" to help promote space education. We are a registered non-profit—a U.S.-based charity staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers who passionately believe in our mission and vision. Learn more at https://marsinitiative.org/ Background image by Aynur Zakirov from Pixabay. Used under Pixabay License.

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