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Frustrated millennial making video and written content about economics, culture, and smart living. Also post beautiful women #DailyBeauty
Just Some Guy I share whatever I find interesting on the internet. I share Politics,News,Music, Documentaries, Motivation and Inspirational, Humor and anything else that I find interesting at the time. Voted coolest grandpa 16 years in a row by my grandkids Voted coolest human on earth 5 years in a row by my dog. I have a political news aggregation site with no ads because I was tired of push notifications, and those bogus sponsored content pretending to be articles, so I created my own. axsomreport.com and headlines.axsomreport.com I occasionally swear and may be considered inappropriate at times. I'm old enough to remember when Al Gore created the internet and it was informative yet fun. I'm still confused on how he did that while creating global warming?
🍄🍨Mixed bag of treats🍨🍄 Photo taker and photography admirer. Beauty seer. Spiritual goddess. Nature wonderer. Free spirit treasure finder. Truth speaker. Lover of the Moon. The poet & artist. Punk. Creator of life. Peace maker. Tree hugger. Bohemian badass. Lover of the dark & gothic. Gemini. Freak. ☆ZEF2DEF☆ ☆FLAMEONMOTHERFUCKERS☆ ☆PUFFPUFFPASS☆ ☆ASMF☆
Beekeeper and Honey producer - QLD Australia
This is a news and op-ed aggregation Channel. By analyzing the nature of the lies that corporate media outlets tell, a skilled Truther can extrapolate to the truth which MSM are trying to hide with an almost intuitive level of speed and accuracy. Notice to pedophiles and child-traffickers: (NIV) Luke 17:2  It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.
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Self taught Artist Blacksmith, avid skier, avid whitewater kayaker, outdoor loving, family man.
Sep 2021
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