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Irritated, Educated, Medicated. I'm a shitposter with a degree in philosophy and theology, and a nasty case of Thoracic Spinal Cord Neuralgia. How much of the academic and how much of the shitposter you get is entirely dependent on what meds I've had and how recently. Chaotic Good Human Bard with a Sage background.
location_onNew South Wales, Australia

rooftop half-asian bot ⋇ radical decentralist ⋇ ☦️ ⋇ private property of @shainescalph ⋇

writer, former game producer/founder

Ricky Berwick
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Your not so normal video entertainer.

Literally only here bc I'm allowed to say retarded.

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Jack Dorsey is a pedo sympathizer & racist.

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Jess | the bad cripple your parents warned you about | not the wheely kind | here for the meme of it all👌 @BadCripple on everything can we say retard on here or what?

Professional Christina and Breast Slider Warrior

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CEO / Former Twitter user / Sponsored By eAthleteLabs and ArtesianBuilds Use code AimbotAimy / Bitchy with mental problems /

Your Posts Are Inconsequential Compared to Mine. (I’m taking a break from social media. don’t worry about me. 👌)

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I'm an artist who posts her Ws and Ls on the timeline so that people see how not everything that an artist does is a masterpiece from the get-go. Remember that jokes are jokes for a reason. Have fun, be happy and enjoy life! You should be free to be who you want to be just don't force others to do what they don't want to do. ➥ ➥ ➥

Trying to stay awake in a world that's half-asleep. Subscribe to me on YouTube:

I'm that fuckin' annoying magpie, an englishwoman with an ODD level amount of spite, a certified Australian Autist, an Agnostic with questionable occult interests and an insane wordsmith with imaginary friends.

New South Wales, Australia
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Jan 2021
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