Dedicated to medicine and science. "Freespeach is not a value, like mercy or justice: it's fundemental problem-solving mechanism of humanity" -J. B. P.

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Volim druženje, prirodu, šetnje i jela.

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Volim da šetam, prirodu, a još više poljoprivredu.

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Volim da se družim, da slikam, da uživam u prirodi.

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There’s going to be shit you don’t like. I’m going to post it anyways.

New World Order, Corona manipulation, Revelation, Agenda 2030, Jesus Christ, Македонија, Србија, Deutschland, Österreich

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Nick Maxwell Verified artist on many social media networks. Especially art related. Abstract Painter and 8bitPixelArt.

We are Pure Energy! We are not inferior! We are all One! My G+ Account: That Used to Be, ... My YouTube Account: #FREEDOMFORALLSENTIENCE #PHILOSOPHERSSTONE #THESAGESTONE ᚲᚨᚱᛟᛚᛁᚾᛖ᛫ᛈᚢᚱᛖ᛫ᛖᚾᛖᚱᚷᛃ קרוליין אנרגיה טהורה 卡羅琳純能源 ካሮሊን ንጹህ ኢነርጂ کیرولین خالص توانائی कैरोलीन शुद्ध ऊर्जा Керолайн Чиста енергія Note: I sign my name on posts for merely the words I've created, that are not quotes. The pictures are not of mine, yet, inspired me greatly to write what I have upon them. @CarolinePureEnergy A list, of some very kind people, . . . @Luculent @Willie1971 @MariPia @kdjh @Talon123 @lcolias @GreenDeen @FretzCapo @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche @Israphel @menwalkaway @curryhobo @alexrus @Alexjb @Keffus @dr4k @ladyred @Shannon222 @PauloVieira @AmericanEric @warrior2020 @williamsstrangefellowhawke @APayne @WilliamsStrangeFest @President-Elect_Warroir_Mom @Ladyhug @arcturus19bootes @vindog @DWAX @Meinhair @chrismadzier @Todolomejor @journals @CultureKat @opart07 @Timothy1966 @chongcong54 @m1ndsl1k3m1n3 @baniksubrata More to be added soon!

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