had the strangest dream, my dreams are very detailed and vivid. i'm able to stop, start, change my dreams while i'm dreaming. lucid dreaming. i know very well i'm dreaming. so it gives me control of it. except i dont think i've ever had a dream quite like this one. in it, i had a few visitors. faceless figures bearing messages. a message to stop what i was doing. to stop telling people what i know about witchcraft. about how black magic rules the world. to stop trying to wake people. that if i didnt, i would in as many words 'meet with an accident'. they said they were emissaries. that i could 'practice' if i wanted *which i dont*, but that i could tell no one. it reminded me of the old saying about how 'a magician never reveals his secrets'... i was able to recall this dream directly when i woke up. IT WOKE ME UP. some people would say it was 'just a dream'... but... what if the dream wasnt so much a premonition of things to come, but THE MESSAGE ITSELF... being told to me in my dream. by someone or something that knows that i know? or is it the overactive imagination i didnt know i had? inquiring minds want to know...

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