We are planning to update our Terms of Service this week to be aligned with the roll out of our new community Jury System and Content Policy. We want to provide you with a few days to review the proposed changes and give feedback. The following is a brief summary of what has changed: - Created separate Content Policy document for more clarity and to align with upcoming Jury System changes - Clarification of licensing specifications and restrictions - Clarification of terminology and overall grammatical improvements Proposed Terms of Service: https://gitlab.com/minds/terms-of-service/blob/WIP-May-2019/TERMS.md Proposed Content Policy: https://gitlab.com/minds/terms-of-service/blob/WIP-May-2019/CONTENT.md Granular Details on Changes: https://gitlab.com/minds/terms-of-service/merge_requests/5/diffs Please leave us any feedback either in the comment field of this post or directly on Gitlab! #minds #transparency #opensource #community #technology