Will netanyahu be executed, overthrown, weakened by kushner fake peace plan
#Palestine #genocide #AlAqsa #trumpchabad #netanyahu #guela If the fake chabadnik kushner plan goes ahead, it will weaken netanyahu inside that is why mossad pushed Bolton to send more US vessels in the Middle East, so that a false flag could happen and the fake plan, which is not realistic, will be left in the boxes... So Iran in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon is targeted by Netanyahu second Israeli version of DAESH/ISIS. See related video of their puppet reappearing in Africa, Sri Lanka, in a video manufactured! So Netanyahu is trying to ignite his last war in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, and make it appear as a sectarian conflict. He is pushing again the Europeans, Americans in the frontline. To avoid this engineered chaos, two sides can assassinate Netanyahu, the chabads which current plan presented by kushner appear to slow down the guela, and those opposing Trump in Europe, USA. They can activate their networks now. But Bolton major failure in Venezuela will be paid heavily if a war starts in the Middle East... Because the US has not seize the Venezuela oil fields, and the #petro... If Bitcoin keeps pushing high, oil countries producers will all backed their currencies to oil, gas, that means the end of the anglo-saxons capitalism dollarised world ... But be aware this is part of the shemitah, guela, so we as Muslims need to ensure that Zionism disappear during their agenda unfolding... Will Netanyahu be executed? It looks like .... Can he be overthrown militarily by different groups? ALLEGEDLY LEAKED TRUMP PEACE DEAL CITES 'NEW PALESTINE,' UNITED JERUSALEM https://m.jpost.com/Israel-News/Were-details-of-Deal-of-the-Century-leaked-by-Israeli-newspaper-589225