YouTube let us know today that they have demonetised my YouTube channel, which as you know is my primary source of income, and how I support my family and team. I’ve always taken care to comply with YouTube’s rules, and the only thing I’ve done differently recently is standing for public office. Companies as large as YouTube have to rely heavily on algorithms that are vulnerable to mass reporting from malicious actors. Given how much of a hate-mob has been stirred up against me due to the, frankly, dishonest reporting about my candidacy, it is hardly a surprise that this has happened. There’s a 30-day period after which YouTube will consider my appeal, and I will cooperate fully with whatever procedure they put in place to achieve a restitution. I have had very few community strikes in the last five years, and my channel spends most of its time in good standing. My team and I are touch with YouTube and I’m confident we will rectify the misunderstanding soon.