This private banker guy (pbnba.com) is for people who still haven't figured out the nature of "money", "securities", "mortgages" and "banking" yet.  (hint:  it is ALL about suretyship and trusts). money = debt.  money can't "pay" anything.  a "security" is only backed by a promise to pay and "sold" for its usury (interest) promised to the investor (so it is a debt instrument - i.e. a receivable).  a mortgage = two opposite but related trusts (private side security + public repayment contract / aka "promise to pay" + "promise to pay")  which makes a 'mortgage' truly a "death pledge" because it represented nothing but two trusts using two debt instruments to steal a "thing" and encumber it thru a "registration" which creates a "legal description" and then create a "lien" against that.       how does anything get "paid" today?  answer = it doesn't.  it is only discharging one debt obligation for another debt obligation - pushing off the 'payment' into the future.  so there is no "eliminating of the debt", only a discharge of a debt by creating a new debt (i.e. a new security to create a new "investment" to 'sell' to another sucker to pass the debt along to).      so what is this guy offering?  he'll sell you a legal way to pass on your debt problem to another unsuspecting smuck who doesn't understand "money", "securities", "mortgages" and "banking.  IOW, he doesn't help you "win" true relief, but is merely conning one into joining the bankster ranks to steal, kill and destroy your neighbor so you can get "your" legal "remedy".  don't SOLVE the problem, but BECOME the PROBLEM.  Don't be the change, just admit you love big brother and "join" him by becoming an evil blood-sucking thieving bankster.  Yea... real charmer this guy, a true "devil" in sheeps clothing selling the greedy a way to pass the "debt" on to the next generation.  and then they want to bitch about the 'thieves' in politics?  just have to look in the mirror and see those 3 fingers pointing back at oneself when one points the finger at others.     There is only one "solution" re "payment" and it creates value thru priorities over gold, silver and all bankrupt traditions of man (church-state-money).  Been talking about it for years since the NV3P days (2009 till present) and the latest manifestation thru Hospitality Fellowship:  hosfell.org/  ... but... It all starts with understanding what generates 'increase' --  that brings "relief" from "law"     "the generative principle is the duty of care" https://www.minds.com/MTKonig/blog/to-understand-duty-of-care-why-is-a-proper-definition-of-law-936618849442430976