Unvaccinated vs vaccinated... For years the debate has run rampant, as long as there's been vaccines, there's been vaccine sceptics. Notably as far back as the 1800's, Leicester, England had the highest vaccination rates in the country, yet they were seeing more cases of smallpox than ever. So the town agreed to shun the vaccine, everyone thought the world was going to end, and that this town would be ground zero. This obviously wasn't the case, and things improved for the people of Leicester. So there's always been that question mark around vaccines. It didn't just start with Andrew Wakefield back in the 90's. See we only had a couple of vaccines. Smallpox, polio came along, we've covered that already, Measles, rubella, mumps. But there were always issue's. Issue's that got swept under the rug. And it's not just autism, it came into the fray later, going from 1 in 10,000 in the 80's when we got 4-5 vaccines at age 4-5 to getting about 50+ from birth, before birth even. It's happened gradually, and today we have autism rates of 1-35 to 1-100, depending on where you are. And if you watched William Walsh's talk on epigenetics it's easy to understand how it's happened. And vaccines aren't the only culprit, it's our food and agriculture industries, our ignorance towards toxins, toxins we're introducing, injecting... It's ludicrous really. So people have been screaming for a large scale study, comparing the overall health of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated for years now. There are ways it could be done, but it never has. Why's that I wonder??? Because it would probably show something like this, but possibly worse. The one I look at is the autism, the vaccinated have rates of autism 4.2 times that of the unvaccinated... 30 times more likely to suffer from allergies. The immune system attacking itself like it's confused. It's not that confusing at all when you understand the nature of a vaccine