Cirno is so adorable, I'd love to make her my Kawaii Moe Pro-Life Feminist Cinderella, encouraging her to wear cute Shiny Blue Mary Janes as her slippers, loosened of course, so she can be my Pro-Life Feminist Cinderella. I will be so happy to touch her mary janes, take them off her feet & back on & off repeatedly, and watch her adorable Shiny Blue Mary Janes easily come off her feet, Cinderella-style. If you think about it and believe it or not, Pro-Life Feminism is much like Cinderella. I'd also absolutely love to make babies with her and other adorable petite ladies with Bob haircuts of various colors, cute shiny Mary Janes of various colors/tones, and beautifgul Lolita dresses, who are willing to be my Pro-Life Feminist Cinderella(s). Yup, Pro-Life Feminism is like Cinderella, it's sweet and precious. I'd so love to have such polygamous romantic love with such lovely adorable babes. I'm excited for polygamy, being able to marry multiple cute petite Pro-Life Feminist Lolita Cinderellas with Bob haircuts and Mary Janes.