CRYPTOCURRENCY AND THE TRADITIONAL BANKING SERVICES AT YOUR DOOR STEP. The cryptocurrency is regarded as one of the greatest innovations of all time and the impact it is making is so massive that projected growth of this industry is estimated to be over $2 trillion by 2020. This industry has achieved so much within a short period that what many people once saw as impossible has become attainable with the help of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Many projects who run their Initial Coin Offerings within this industry have made huge success and due to this, many coins have sprung up in the market today which all play a role in fueling the development of the cryptocurrency and many have thought that in the nearest future, the cryptocurrency would become the benchmark of cashless transaction where buying and selling would become possible without the use of fiat currency but with cryptocurrency. This is now the era of cryptocurrency and the cashless transaction system will be established sooner than you think because there are so many crypto platform seeking to use their utility coin as means of payment for e-commerce. All these are pointers to the fact that as the world is widely accepting the cryptocurrency market, it will eventually become the means of digital payment for goods and services. And since this is going to happen, we do not a fortune teller to tell us that there is a need for a crypto-related user friendly platform that will help facilitate crypto-related banking services to its users, just like we have the conventional banks running financial services for fiat currencies worldwide so will be the need for a well-equipped, developed, safe, reliable and transparent platform that will run crypto banking services for all its users globally. So do we have a platform seeking to merge crypto-related services with the traditional banking services providing unique and exceptional digital banking services? YES, ABSOLUTELY WE DO. This brings me to introduce the HUBRISONE PLATFORM. HUBRISONE enables you to do so much at a time providing exceptional digital banking services by harmonizing the cryptocurrency and traditional banking sector with its unique, user friendly HUBRISONE APP. THE HUBRISONE app enables safe, secure, transparent, reliable and cost effective crypto and fiat services available to you at all times. Amazing features of HUBRISONE include - Increasing cryptocurrency adoption. -Instant digital bank accounts. -International transfers stellar blockchain with real time traceability and funds tracking features. -Secure cryptocurrency wallet for managing crypto assets. -Secure, fair and transparent crypto-backed loans. -Wealth management solutions. -Integrated cryptocurrency exchange. -Secure digital account and card management. All these functions made accessible through the unique HUBRISONE TOKEN (HBRS) Which will be used for many purposes such as store of value, means to transfer funds, access to the HUBRISONE platform and means of payments form transactions within the platform. The token sale information is given below. Token symbol- HBRS Token standard- ERC-20 ICO dates- 1/1/2019 – 31/5/2019. Soft cap- $100,000 Hard cap- $5, 500,000 Token to be sold- 550,000,000 HBRS Payment accepted- ETH Equity sale dates- 7/1/2019 (0.00 GMT) – 7/2/2019 (23.59) Equity sale platform- Minimum contribution- 10GBP Payment methods- credit/debit cards (visa, Amex, MasterCard). Token price- $0.01 with 100% increase to $0.02 on the 1st February 2019 Restrictions- US, China and Canada citizens and residents. Whitelist- not required for both sale phases. KYC- required for both sale phases. SO WHY HUBRISONE? No other platform brings better crypto-fiat services than HUBRISONE with the best of features so be among those to enjoy its amazing services today. Be a part of HUBRISONE TODAY. For more information on HUBRSIONE, its ICO and tokens visit.
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