Well, a very good Wodnesdæg to everyone, and time for another one of these Songs for Odin of course. I am a bit under the weather at the moment (caught some kind of crazy cold or flu or plague, a thing that often happens in the aftermath of plane travel but more extreme this time around for whatever reason.) My head is fuzzier than usual and my face is on fire. However, the show must go on. What we have here is a song from July 1992 at the Stortebeker Club in Hamburg. https://youtu.be/iJYJRU73gaQ I'm a bit surprised to see this very old song in the set -- it was on the first album and predates the MTX by many years as well, stretching back into my own high school experiments with pretend songs for pretend bands. I don't remember playing it very often, or at all in the era, but here it is, apparently tacked on at the end of the set as an unwanted encore. I've been slogging through the "early years" a bit so it seemed apt to drag this one out, once I discovered it. I think my "poor man's Ron Asheton" routine here is at least a bit funny. Rather than try to come up with different words to convey the same thing, I'm just going to quote myself from a post a ways back of a song from the same set: To paraphrase something once said in reference to Leppo, the fifth Rutle, the Reeperbahn is one of the naughtiest streets in the world and if we couldn't play our instruments we knew how to have a good time, and in Hamburg, that was more important. I remember that night very fondly, and recall that show as one of the great ones despite what appears in the video to be a distinct too-cool-for-showmanship distance on our part and only a mildly interested, sparse crowd. Well, we were certainly used to those. Well-stated, self. (That song was "Love American Style", here: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/810538355839320064.) As for your your selves, have them a merry little Wednesday and try to stop being so crazy all the time on the internet if you can. And now it's back to bed for me. Sweet dreams comrades. #music #songs #sickness #minds