Welcome to Wodnesdæg and Song for Odin™. Things have been a bit hectic over here at Songs for Odin™ headquarters, what with some flooding and some imminent shows, but the show must go on, and by "the show" I mean this thing where I post a song each Wednesday with some commentary and say it's a song for Odin. It ain't much of a show perhaps, but it's the only one I've got. And today we've got something a little different than the usual, I suppose. https://youtu.be/OGrCqA23ErU It's a band called Smashcut doing my old song "I Just Wanna Do It with You" and the way it came about was this. I got an email from a guy named Ryan from Wichita who wanted help with the chords so he could play the song for his girlfriend, Emily: "I think that The Mr T Experience is a great band and you guys don’t get the credit you deserve for how great you guys are. I’m a real big fan of the song “I just wanna do it with you” and it perfectly captures how I feel about my girlfriend and it’s a really good song. I was hoping to perform it for her since I play guitar, but I can’t find any form of guitar sheet music for it. I’ve looked over the Internet and can’t find any tabs, chords, or covers. So I figured I’d go with my last option and just take a chance and ask you if you know or have the chords or tabs. I’m sorry to bother you but I just thought it’d be a cool gift since she likes MTX too. While I’m here I’d just like to thank you for all the good music and fun times you’ve given me. I really appreciate it’s pretty wack that not more people know MTX. And if you ever want to be perform in Wichita, Kansas, I’ll be front row. I’m sorry to bother you. Thank you for your time. From, Ryan." Nice note. So, I sent him the chords and asked that if this performance were ever documented I'd like to hear it. A few weeks later I received the video with this message: "Hey, it’s me again. Ryan. I’m sorry it took so long, I had to form a band, record it, and edit it. Its not perfect but I think we did a good job, and my girlfriend liked it. Thanks a bunch for the help, my singing isn’t great, but my band mates nailed it with your help. I’ve attached a link to our current best version of the song, and I’ve attached a cover I made for our cover of my girlfriend. Thanks again for the help!" And that's really all there is to it, just watch it, no further "minor secrets" necessary, but mostly what I want to note is: this song is still ALIVE, ca. 25 years on, if you know what I mean. It's something of a miracle isn't it? And I can't think of a better use to which it could be put. (Oh, one other thing: when he first sent me the video the name of the band was the Emerging Programmers, but by the time I wrote to thank him the next day it had already changed. That's another kinda KD thing that's still alive too, evidently.) Cheers to Ryan, Emily, bandmates, and all of you. See you in Indianapolis and St. Louis or not, as the case may be. #music #songs #love #mtxforever #minds