I admit I tend to watch non-fiction more than fiction on television. But I occasionally find some fiction so truthful and powerful that it inspires me to learn a lesson that I can apply to my real life. This is what I feel Silver Skies 1996 Version will do for its reader and watchers (when Spielberg produces it). The story will be so truthful, that in many ways, it will be MORE TRUTHFUL than non-fiction. People will read the novel and see current events in the story and characters and will learn from the character's mistakes. There are few novels that do this. But The Thornbirds is like that and so is Wuthering Heights. I believe my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version will be on par with The Thornbirds and Wuthering Heights. I rarely weep when I see a movie, because most of them don't resonate for me. I think Silver Skies 1996 Version will make people weep. It will transform them. I'm very excited about how God will use this novel. The world of the Silver Skies 1996 Version is the tribulation period, which very much parallels our current world. I have a character who is very much like Brent Spiner. I have another character who is very much like me. I have characters who are very much like Zack Knight and Loree McBride. People will read this and learn some valuable lessons. Sometimes a masterpiece novel can be a better conveyor of truth that any sermon or non-fiction debate or presentation. To me, that is the only time I should waste my time with a novel, when I'm able to write something that will make people think. This novel will be so truthful, that I predict the tribulation saints will have it alongside the Bible for guidance. I will be playing out the events of the tribulation in it and I predict this novel will be a prophecy. Due to my obsession to make this on par with Wuthering Heights in quality, I expect to finish in around a year, even though I am about 80% finished with it. I just need to write the last third of the book. Today's date is Oct. 13, 2018. As Jesus once said, arguing with people never changes them. But watching a powerful movie or reading a powerful book might. The characters in this will seem so real, it will be like they live with you and inside your heart. The story will be so powerful, it will haunt you in your sleep until you deal with the truths in the story or you will go into denial and be forced to shut your heart to drown out the truths that you cannot bear to face. But mark my word, no one will be neutral about this story. This story is a life changer. If I believed otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time writing it. https://gabriellechana.blog/silver-skies-1996-version/