I'm in a bit of a computer transition at the moment and working with a slightly crippled machine, so the we'll just have to stick to the rudiments here: (a) song for Odin (because Wednesday); (b) MTX live in Southampton UK, Summer of '92; (c) "What Went Wrong". https://youtu.be/OmsqVgBzrYA The studio recording of this song, which is the lead-off track of the Making Things with Light album, isn't necessarily the best that could have been done with it, but as you can see we sure used to have fun playing it. No extensive comments on the song are necessary. It's your standard fall-of-a-military-dicatorship-as-metaphor-for-love-gone-awry sort of number, as many others have done before and since. I remember coming up with the melody during a stretch of intense Gilman boredom, and it seemed quite a bit more melodic to me at the time. Intense Gilman boredom can cause the mind to play tricks on itself, I have found. Anyhow, we gave a test pressing of this LP to Aaron Axelsen, a DJ on the local "rock of the 80s" commercial radio station who was unusually supportive of local bands. And, to my great surprise, he actually did play it, once. Unfortunately, whoever wrote the track names on the white label of the test pressing did not have the best handwriting, so Aaron read the title on the air as "What Next Wrong." In fact he talked about it quite a bit in the intro and outro, "what next wrong, what next wrong" in a kind of quizzical tone. This would hardly be worth mentioning except for the fact that years and years later I happened to run into him at some event or other (he's been a fixture of Bay Area radio ever since that time). He took one look at me and said: "What Next Wrong!" So what I'm saying, folks, is: penmanship matters. You'll probably have just the one chance to get played on the radio, and you might as well make sure the DJ can read the name of the song. It is conceivable, though not necessarily guaranteed, that some commercial broadcast royalties could have been due to the writer of the song "What Went Wrong" under its "alternate" title "What Next Wrong", which I had not the foresight to register with BMI in case of such a contingency. Not sure how much it would have been, but at least the cost of a beer or two, so basically, yeah, I'm down a couple of beers and as you can see, it still stings. Poor labelling strikes again. #music #video #punkrock #mrtexperience #mtxforever #penmanship #minds