Do you enjoy #photography and videos? Do you like seeing #nature & animals? Do you support independent #art? Hi, my name is Johnny. I take photos and make short videos. Main subjects of my photography and film-making are local animals such as grey herons, great egrets, kingfishers, ducks, gulls, turtles, swans and many more. Please take a look at my profile where you can find most of my work. My production is almost entirely self-funded and freely available for everyone to see. In order to continue making what I love - this should be a 2-way street. Therefore - if you like what I create and you care about independent art - please consider supporting my endeavors now. You can do it by 3 simple steps: 1. Subscribing: a) b) c) 2. Contributing: a) b) 3. Reminding this post now. Thanks for taking a look (I hope you like what you see)! :) #minds #myphoto #beauty

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