#minds #freespeech #thegreatmigration #music #art CREDITS / REWARDS / TOKENS For Those New Here. Before Tokens It was Points. Here is the new platform for getting rewards since the change to Tokens.. This is the real Deal. Lengthy comment sorry but this is the law of minds admin..... *Remind,Vote, Comment, your friends it is the only way you are helping them get credits * When you hit the thumbs up your are only giving them 1 credit even if you vote up 10,000 of their posts they only recieve 1 credit *A CREDIT IS NOT A POINT NOR IS IT A TOKEN IT IS ACTIVITY *A vote is 1 credit *A remind is 4 credits * A comment is 2 credits * each friend you visit only recieves these (one time ) credit(s) for a 24 hour period. * Voting a lot of your friends post does and will show support and respecet for them but does not give them any x-tra credits/rewards or tokens * EXAMPLE : I go vote 1000 of your posts you only get 1 credit. if only voted 1 of your posts you get 1 credit * Same for the reminds and comments you only get that one time 24 hour period credit/reward * the only way your friend can earn his or her maximum credits is to get a vote ,remind, and comment on a post. all other activity on friends page is just to see what they have posted and show your support. * Any x-tra voting and reminding on that one any channel is not giving them any x-tra credit. * Your daily credits are tallied by the number of friends who visit your channel and preform one or all of the above tasks and the activity of the entire minds community it is then calculated for your daily earned credits listed in your wallet. ** Checkins = What used to be called hourly bonus of 50 points is now refered to as your checkin /It is now when you click on your news feed tab on top of your page. each time you go back and forth from your profile page to your news feed page click the NEWSFEED tab at top to earn a checkin. ( it is a +2 credit per hour reward ) * It is now activity on your newsfeed page. It does not give points or tokens it just shows you are online and active you must hit NEWSFEED tab top left of your page or you will not recieve a checkin for that hour * Hope this clears up a lot of your questions , this is the new deal * In short vote, remind, comment on each others channel at least one post and they must return the favor and we all got all the credits allowed on the new system in the 24 hour period. Thanks for reading and expand your beautiful minds @Harp609