First they said they were private companies and could do whatever they wanted. They told us it wasn't censorship and that users could still use their own websites instead of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Then Gab started having issues with its hosting provider. And recently the Infowars website was taken down. So I guess we need to build our own Internet. And what happens when ISPs refuse to provide certain people with internet connections. Will we need to build our own multibillion dollar fibre optic network next? But it's not censorship or anything. CNN believes Trump is a threat to press freedom when they're the ones who led a targeted and relentless campaign against Alex Jones. I'm very disappointed Trump has been silent on this and although it's still possible he'll remark on it soon, I won't be holding my breath. At this stage I am more in favour of supporting Ted Cruz given that he's the only one holding Big Tech's feet to the fire and he's an actual conservative. Cruz has at least come to the defence of Alex Jones since his mass banning on social media. Trump seems to believe that he got to the White House all by himself, perhaps it's pure ego. But in truth, he benefited from an alternative media led by the likes of Alex Jones.