1. Legacy media continues to defame alt personalities, scapegoating them whenever able. They will delve into, now, total defamation, as we see their pundits engaging in on twitter daily. This will eventually alienate most of the Millennials and Gen Z, who know the e-celebs they like are being defamed. 2. Establishment shall attack self publishing services and podcast sites which will become a repository of info from those they have victimized. They will attack alt tech but be unsuccessful because it is insular from their influence and few hosting firms are willing to jeopardize their neutrality. The legal system will be employed by the alt media and its allies, and eventually prevail, but it will be delayed because the defendants are extremely wealthy and politically connected. 3. As the paradigm shifts further, at least one large mainstream tech firm will brand itself apart from the others in accepting alternative opinions, in order to garner money. 4. The free market will inevitably abandon censorship loving corporate shills and side with the vast decentralized base of users web-wide, once there is a proper impetus. A rough linear timeline of the future of this rising paradigm.