WHAT’S GOING ON – WHY ARE NOT MORE PEOPLE RAISING THE ALARM? [EDIT] Funding for displacing the large Syrian family to the welfare haven of Canada has been accomplished, and is now taking extra donations. My fund raising to bring home my family teetering on total disaster has not even received one more Share on Facebook in the meantime. It would be better to send the $40,000 to the family so they may rebuild in their homeland. Cheaper for Canadian taxpayers too. [EDIT] Canadians raise $27,840 to displace a foreign family of (at least) 8 non-English-speaking non-skilled persons who will be dependent upon taxpayers from their home Islamic culture to bring them to Canada within one month of fund raising, versus $1,030 in contribution over 14 months' period of fund raising to return a Canadian family home from a foreign culture where they are in dire straits. The fund raiser to support bringing a large foreign family to Canada has 297 SHARES. The fund raiser to support the return of a small Canadian family home has 157 SHARES. Does this even make any intelligent sense? Is this Canadian values on display? Where are the Canadian voices raising up to awaken people to this issue? Is it only my voice doing so? Why is it only my voice doing so? Does this VIVID and SALIENT example not bring the point home enough? Would it NOT be wiser, even better, to just donate the money to the Syrian family so they can rebuild themselves BACK IN SYRIA? In essence, my fund raiser is trying to bring my family home so we can rebuild and succeed. These fund raisers serve two diametrically opposing goals. https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/save-wysoka-s-dad-give-her-family-a-new-chance--2