Art can come in many forms. I entitle this “Peterson Chaos”: In the centre you have the Individual, or the Son, with a series of three walls encircling him, representing culture or the Father, all which derive from the individual. Outside of the three walls lay the encroachment of nature, or the mother, which did bear the Individual, who builds his home amongst conquered nature. Nature remains unconquered outside of the protective walls, and you can see the encroachment of other cultures, less developed however, with only singular layers of walls protecting their proverbial Sons. Their encroachment on the walls of the central figure therefore represents cultural clash, the barbarians at the gates of a more civilized world, from all sides, and at all times. Only through the continual upkeep and with continued monitoring can the walls remain strong against these encroachments, and it is through the will and strength of the individual at that centre that stability and rebirth manifests. -NDS liquidswan