Sources for this week's episode: Source Material: Bitcoin & Altcoins Are the Future for Anti-Globalists & Dissidents http://bit.ly/2CWrVcD U.S. places Pakistan on watch list for religious freedom violations http://reut.rs/2mv87qt US drug firm offers cure for blindness – at $425,000 an eye http://bit.ly/2Cnl37E American kids are 70 percent more likely to die before adulthood than kids in other rich countries http://bit.ly/2mdqDCW It’s Not Just Freezing Classrooms in Baltimore. America’s Schools Are Physically Falling Apart http://bit.ly/2CP3q44 Corporate Media 'Failed' to Connect 2017's Extreme Weather to Climate Crisis: Study http://bit.ly/2F7r9uw Proposal to Expand Mandatory DNA Collection http://bit.ly/2CKd0C7 Bussed Out: How America Moves Its Homeless http://bit.ly/2za6wK2