Greetings, brothers! I've decided to start this 'book club' as an experiment, and in part for selfish reasons: this is as much for others as it is for ourselves, a place to both share, and discover, lofty works of literature that resonate deeply, that *move* us, and act as infusions of energy, clarity, insight. I envision our bias here being in favor of the greatest works of the western tradition, of the Indo-European family, encompassing all of her branches: ancient Greece, India, Persia, Scandinavia, Frisia, through Rome and Europe and into the modern age. Discussion on each work in the comments section is encouraged, and let's please try to keep it, too, noble/lofty, enriching and insightful and life-affirming. . . free of pettiness and smallness, insofar as is possible. Within the post, feel free to link to the book itself, in PDF or for-purchase form (though please no affiliate links, let's not cheapen this), or a well-narrated audio format. Please take great care to not pollute the stream: Far better to make few yet truly heartfelt submissions than to post too liberally. Each submission should be judged relative to its peers, those works and authors already submitted: if you don't feel it to be equal or greater, please don't submit. Quality over quantity, as it always should be. (for those not seeing the link above, click below to join: Library of the Masters: