The 'Bank of Minds' will be giving free points to creators on Minds! 馃榾 Youtubers: Must have 500 minds subscribers or 1000 youtube subscribers to participate. 1k points will be given to users who share their Minds account on their Youtube page. 5k Will be given to users who upload videos to Minds. (If using Youtube as well, creators must upload as much on Youtube and at least 5 videos) 10k Youtubers who have made a video telling their fans to join (Or if using only Minds, a video telling you supporters to use the merchant feature also works) Artists & musicians: All artists & musicians with a post of their own content with 70 upvotes or more will receive 2000 points. 200 or more 5000 points, 500 or more 10,000 points! Every artist & musicians with original work will receive 1,000 points. Be sure to prove you own your work art and music Other: Contact me. Post below to apply!