If it isn't one thing it's another. Youtube gives me strikes, bullshit copyright holds, demonetization and when that doesn't fail, it just chokes off all my ad revenue. I hate to oy vey my sheckles at you guys but seriously this bullshit just pisses me the fuck off. I've taken a big risk for you guys by cutting down my hours and working part time to dedicate more time into making videos, and at every turn youtube is just fucking my shit up. I don't think you should care or have to care about the impotent whining of a youtube-shill, all you should care about is the content and how to get more of it, and basically youtube is trying to (((Shut Down))) my channel any way they can, maybe I'm being over-dramatic, in fact I probably am, but that doesn't change the fact that if this shit continues I won't be able to produce the same amount or quality of content, and then nobody's happy.