Amb. Wanta .. Do we simply live in a world of FAKE news? http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-could-be-the-worlds-first-trillionaire-by-2042-2017-1 If I understand correctly, you became a trilllionaire in May 2006, confirmed via District Court judge Gerald Bruce Lee and confirmed by Judge Ellis .. Am I stating this correctly? https://youtu.be/XnV8-k49Kyc?list=PL1yWdjkeR-5KSR11kvFZwmZBYf4wYf0Kh https://youtu.be/8tYTSR9gheQ https://youtu.be/N3t4H2HpOuE So guys like Business Insider et al .. Are they just liars or simply and grossly misinformed? It can't be both here .. Same for Gates .. How can he not know this? [Addendum] Further thoughts: In terms of -- pure stupidity .. Does that align closer with that of being a liar? Or, "choosing" to being grossly misinformed? And, if one "chooses" to be misinformed .. Does not practically every single word coming from said "mindset" .. Present itself as -- a lie?