I am emphatically angry about this. This is the sort of thing that turned me away from the left. Racism is racism regardless of who is guilty of it and who it is against. It is always wrong, especially when it is being taught to impressionable young minds in school where there is a presumption of trust that instructors will teach you the truth. Dr. King would be kicking this country's ass all the way to the moon if he could see how hateful and divided we've become. Being racist against whites is not the same as advocating for blacks. I find it insulting that people would think me such a cowardly knave that I would need to tear others down to build myself up. Sort your shit out. http://drudgetoday.com/v2/r?n=0&s=2&c=1&pn=Anonymous&u=http://eagnews.org/high-schooler-records-teachers-racism-lecture-to-be-white-is-to-be-racist-period/