I'm tired of being hostile towards you Japhy (@PirateRadioNetwork) so I'll just address this in the open instead of bothering Tim and I will try not to be a dick about it. This also encompasses and addresses any users who call me an admin relentlessly, say that I somehow receive bias or benefit through my deep ties to Minds, or those who have a long list of improvements for the site but don't plan on actually learning to program to make a change. Now, I am done with the negativity but we will address it so it's over with. Call me a drama queen all-you-want, because sure, I am, I'm fucking passionate. I don't put faith in ANYONE but myself and my own actions. Words mean nothing when you are not willing to put dedication forward and execute. I have been here at Minds for over a year as a USER, not a developer, so I am not to be blamed or harrassed or pestered for the current standing on my progress of fixing things for people. EVENTUALLY I hope to contribute adequate code to Minds but I am not yet proficient enough in the utilized frameworks. Now I have said this again and again and repeated this trend throughout my attitude of Minds; anyone looking to profit, build their brand, or beg for spoonfed feature updates does not gain my respect. Minds is about hardwork and determination to create legitimate connections, discussion, and collaboration of ideas. it has NEVER been easy to interact within the community on Minds, but it is the community and the purity of the members that makes it all worth it. We are ALL CO-CREATORS here at Minds, nobody is above anyone or in a higher standing. We are all just as capable of being involved. That said I hope we can free up some tension and eventually collaborate without pressure and condescension to create something of value for the benefit of those beyond ourselves.