Akira the "Gun Girl"

Art by @neutronboar and @katsuakira was kind enough to donate her face for this one. “During the last invasion a Jaern PPG blast hit the house I and my friends were taking cover. I managed to drag those who survived from the burning building but...” – the girl removed her old fashioned glasses. Dozan studied her burned and disfigured eye sockets, noting that the wounds were extraordinarily deep, and covered with medi-gel. She slowly put the glasses back on and motioned towards the weapon stall – “I lived but most of my friends didn’t. To begin with I’ve lost my parents in another raid back on our home station of Farpost 3. After the battle I told the neighbors here that my father had taught me how to fix weapons, and they were kind enough to shelter me. Brought me all of these guns so that I can make my living by fixing and selling them to others.” #starshatter #scifi #characters #akira #guns